Marion Barber – Markers

26 05 2009

Ran across another photo of Marion Barber I really liked…worked a bit more on skin shading with the markers. Makes you feel like a kid again coloring with markers.


Marion Barber – RB
Dallas Cowboys

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Marion Barber – MBIII – Sketch Card

13 05 2009

Like how the markers are coming along but did notice I need a few fine point markers which would have helped with the star on the helmet. Also need to find a good white to assist in oops.

Marion Barber - Dallas Cowboys

Marion Barber - Dallas Cowboys

Running Back
Dallas Cowboys

1.5 hours
2.5″ x 3.5″
Vellum pre cut
Personal sketch card
B, 2B, 4B, PrismaMarkers and Pencils

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Cowboys Lose in OT

14 10 2008

Wow…For the 3rd time this year in 6 games  I had to work at the Fire Station. And for the 3rd time in 3 games we caught a call during the game. So I have managed to miss the 1st half of a game, 2nd half of a game, and the last 2 minutes of regulation and Overtime of the Cardinal game. Terrible luck.

Cardinals 30 – Cowboys 24

I finally heard on Hanson last night what I have been complaining about for the last few weeks. Why after the offense sputters or coughs up the ball they, especially Romo, go over to the bench and sit down? Where is the leadership on this team? Get off your duffs and cheer and support the defense to bail you out of another mistake.

I think Wade Phillips would be a good buddy to hang out with especially being a good old Texas native, but the Cowboys don’t need a buddy, they need a leader. I really feel the way these players act after mistakes and so consistent in underachieving is a reflection of their leadership. Way to many individuals on this teams.

Ok…a few observations during the game, Big Dawg Bone or Steak awards.

“Barbie” Carpenter…enough said!

Patrick Crayton – (Bone) Stop the jawing and antics and act like you have been there before. When you started out a few years ago you took care of business because you lead by example.

Patrick Crayton – (Steak) Nice touchdown…except I had you on the bench for my fantasy football team.

Tashard Choice – (Steak) Good job on recovering an onside kick attempt and a fumble recovery. Kudos.

Nick Folk – (Bone) Wow you had a rough day. Missed field goal, Kickoff out of bounds (never understand that), and the air tackle on the kickoff return for a field goal.

Nick Folk – (Steak) Nice 52 yard FG to send the game into overtime, oh and admitting on camera you had a bad day.

Flozell Adams – (Bone) For getting beat numerous times to the outside, especially critical since Romo wasn’t sensing the backside pressure.

Marion Barber – (Steak) You can only do what you do when they get you the ball. Nice running!

Bradie James – (Bone) Seems like a nice guy but can be invisible on the field unless RB gets 7 + yards…oh there he is.

Tony Romo – (Bone) Oh, you did produce a few yards and at times moved the offense down the field but you also put the ball on the ground 5 times. And, the biggest reason for the Bone Award: Get off the bench, put your helmet on, and get your team fired up by being a leader who leads by example. Oh, bummer on the injury, hope your finger gets better soon. This would be a good time to learn how to cheer on and pump up your teammates.

Special Teams – (Bone, Bone, Bone) Bring back Avezzano!!!

I’ll spare you anymore…would be typing all night.

I always say “All this doesn’t mean a whole lot as long as we are on a roll going into the playoffs, like the NY Giants last year”. Course we have to start worring about making the playoffs now.

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Where was the Barbarian?

29 09 2008

Alright, this is my first entry for the art side of the blog fully kicking off “Where Sports and Art Collide”.

Where was the Barbarian?

Marion Barber Dallas Cowboys
Marion Barber Dallas Cowboys

His disappearance was no fault of his own. Week in and week out we are told by the so called “football experts” and coaches themselves you have to keep running and pounding M. Barber with a little mix of F. Jones, so by the end of the 3rd quarter and beginning of the 4th you have worn down the defense. So naturally when you see a stat like Dallas had 58 total plays you would think 20-30 carries. No…Try 11 rushes total ( 8 – M. Barber, 2 – F. Jones, 1 – T. Owen), if I am not mistaken it was just 4 in the second half.

I was a little surprised by Garrett’s (Offensive Coordinator) play calling this week, seems like he was out of sinc. I thought they made some good adjustments during halftime because the 1st drive in the second half was typical cowboys except without all the Barber down the throat. Then it seemed we forgot what we did that got us down the field earlier. Barber is one of the best backs in the league at smash mouth football, give him the ball and jump on his shirt tails.

I, like many fans, was amazed at the non calls like grabbing A. Jones face mask on a punt return and about 4 or 5 times they could have called defensive holding or pass interference. Lets be honest bad calls or not the Pro Bowl laden Cowboys should not lose a game like that. The Cowboys showed their lack of ability to step up and play to their potential in games that mean something. Yes I feel this game meant something. I don’t feel Washington is a playoff team, still Dallas has to win the division games to separate themselves when it comes down to the playoffs and they start having to go off head to head records to decide the standings. I’m frustrated…if you are a Cowboy fan and lose to the redskins it just makes you ill. I guess we have to fall back on the old quote. “We have 5 rings…and you have?” I’ll stop ranting, probably be more tomorrow…

As far as the drawing of M. Barber…took about 8 hours, graphite pencils, tissue paper, kneaded erasers. Reference photo was a wallpaper on June 08. First sports drawing I have done in 30 years. Hope you like…

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