Ian Kinsler – Markers

25 05 2009

Liked the color of the sketch cards so I thought I would add a little color to some of my pencil drawings.

This one is of Ian Kinsler – Texas Rangers 11″ x 14″

Ian_Kinsler_by_DFitchStay Safe and Stay Full!
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Josh Hamilton Sketch Card

12 05 2009

My first attempt with a little color on a sketch card. Today’s guinea pig is Josh Hamilton. Struggled a little on how I wanted to do the face…more scared of the markers since it is permanent. Just trying different techniques.

Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers

Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

1.5 hours
2.5″ x 3.5″
Vellum pre cut
Personal sketch card
B, 2B, 4B, PrismaMarkers and Pencils

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Ian Kinsler Sketch Card

9 05 2009

Being that the Texas Rangers have one the last 6 out of 7 games, I thought I would sketch up one of the main reasons for their success and a big reason why they are in 1st place (has a nice ring to it…).

Ian Kinsler - Texas Rangers

Ian Kinsler - Texas Rangers

2 hours
2.5″ x 3.5″
Vellum pre cut
Personal sketch card
2H, B, 2B, 4B

Have a few full size 11″ x 14″ drawings I need to post soon…finished a few weeks ago.

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Trying my hand at Sketch Cards

5 05 2009

As they all say “it has been awhile since I last posted”. A lot has changed:

The football draft has come and gone. Which is funny…on the 2nd day of the  draft I had been  blogging on a local newspaper website about the draft and mentioned on there it seems the Cowboys are looking for Depth and Special teams players.

Little did I know that those little comments would get one guy all fired up to the point of calling me names and saying I didn’t know anything about football. I, being a man of many opinions and surprising as it sounds, decided not to justify his ignorance by commenting back. So needless to say It was real funny to hear everyone after the draft talk about how they worked to improve the Special Teams.

The Texas Rangers are 13 – 12 and back on the climb. And if you missed the game last night you missed one of the best catch and throws of the year by a short stop.

Which leads into something new I am trying. Been working on a few sports sketch cards. Artist draw these 1/1 cards that are the size of a regular baseball card 2.5″ x 3.5″ and then they are placed in baseball card packs at the factory and distributed in Card boxes. So my first ever “personal” (maybe someday I can have a few cards placed in packs) sketch card and it is of Elvis Andrus. Thinking of leaving the logo and numbers off of the next one. Was looking around and most artist don’t put all that on there.

Hope you like!

Elvis Andrus - Texas Rangers - 2.5
Elvis Andrus – Texas Rangers

2 hours
2.5″ x 3.5″
My own personal card stock
2H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

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Get your popcorn ready…for the Rangers!

7 04 2009

Time to dust off the keyboard and get to typing because the smell of Ballpark Dogs and Garlic Fries are in the air.  Yes. today was opening day for my beloved Texas Rangers. Many questions surround the team: Will there be adequate pitching? Will they stay healthy? Will they wilt under the Texas heat in august? Will they get off to a slow start? I, like many fans, can’t give any definite answers but I will say they will be a lot of fun to watch this year.

There just seems to be a different sense to this team…a sense of unity maybe we haven’t seen in along time. Plus an abundance of youth that brings an excitement we have missed.

They looked good today in the opener. Never thought I would say this but Millwood pitched one of his best games in a long while. Timely hits led to runs, defense was strong, this was a fun game to watch.  Plus we got an added bonus from President George W. Bush, not only did he throw out the first pitch (which was a good strike) but we got to see him in a relaxed atmosphere joking around on TV with Josh and Tom.  What a funny guy!

Texas wins 9 – 1 over Cleveland.

I have always been a fan through good, bad, even down right embarrassing but I have never wavered. We might still be about a year away, but if today is any indication,  that popcorn I had left over from that guy named T.O. I am getting it ready for the 09′ Texas Rangers.

1 down 161 to go…

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Rangers trade Laird

10 12 2008

We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know which catcher they would trade. Now we know, the Texas Rangers traded Gerald Laird to the Detroit Tigers for a couple of minor league pitchers.

I have always liked Laird so I am glad he is going to a team where he has a chance to be the everyday catcher. Still not sold on “Salty”, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but feel at ease with the catcher spot due to the strong play of Taylor Teagarden in the 2 stints he had with the Rangers this year. Max Ramirez has a lot of potential but still a little behind the others in his defense, course nobody is questioning his toughness…you the man Max.

I still say we can give up Salty and get some players for him since there is still a few teams wanting a catcher.  I know everybody talks about his potential but he has been here 1 and 1/2 years now and they are still talking about potential. Stop the musical chairs and name Teagarden the starter and have Ramirez backing up. Just my 2 cents…

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Rangers Report Card

4 10 2008

08′ Report Card

The Rangers showed signs of life this year and definitely threw in some excitement. Overall it was a 2 edge sword…They where able to get a lot of rookies some playing time experience but on the other hand I think the drain of pressure and the long major league season tired many of them out since they really didn’t know what to expect playing at that high of intensity day in and day out at the major league level. Not to mention the infamous west coast schedule.

So here goes my 08′ report card in order of how they performed:


  • Josh Hamilton – Definitely the Rangers most dynamic player this year. Not only gave us a feel good story but played hard day in and day out. Looks to have gotten a little tired towards the end, especially in August. Thanks for the Home Run Derby memories. .304 – 32HR – 130RBI
  • Ian Kinsler – Could possibly have rivaled Hamilton as the team MVP and even possibly American league MVP if not for a sports hernia. Had a few more errors than you would like but then again he gets to some hit balls that a lot of 2b don’t get too. .319 – 18HR – 71RBI
  • Michael Young – Some probably don’t have Michael with an A but I have 2 main reasons. (1) He is a leader in the clubhouse and on the field and with all the new players coming in this year they needed him to step up and be a presence in the clubhouse. (2) He played a lot of the season with a fractured finger. Bad news the Consecutive 200 hit seasons ended this year. .284 – 12HR – 82RBI

Michael Young - Texas Rangers

  • David Murphy – A guy that gives 110% every play. Great attitude. Not ironic team went south when Murphy got hurt Aug. 6th. At one point was rookie of the year candidate. (I have a good photo of this kid to draw in the near future.) .275 – 15HR – 74RBI
  • Chris Davis – Again, some have Chris a B rating but I say A due to the fact the Ranger’s where nose diving at 1st base with Broussard who eventually was released and Shelton was never meant to be an everyday starter. I really like the composure of this kid. I think he gives us the best fit at 1st. (Still trying to find a good pic of Chris to draw.) .285 – 17HR – 55RBI
  • Marlon Byrd – Rangers best hitter down the stretch. Was fun to see him come up to bat in late innings when down a run or 2. (Need Pic.) .298 – 10HR – 53RBI


  • Milton Bradley – Injuries kept him from being a consistent force but suprised me on numbers. Course everytime I watched nothing dramatic. Injuries could hurt for making 09′ roster. (Need Pic.) .321 – 22HR – 77RBI
  • Nelson Cruz – I really want to like this kid…tore up the minor leagues before being called up. Would have been up sooner but outfield was solid early. At least showed in 08′ he doesn’t have the Jason Botts syndrome of not hitting Major League pitching. Strong Arm. (Need Pic.) .285 – 17HR – 55RBI
  • Ramon Vasquez – Leader, good solid all around infielder. Won some games with his bat. (Need Pic.) .290 – 6HR – 40RBI
  • Taylor Teagarden – Another kid I really like. Known for his strong defense but showed some pop in the bat. Managed young pitchers good. i feel the catcher of our future. Local kid. (Need Pic.) .319 – 6HR – 17RBI
  • Gerald Laird – Injuries slowed consistency at catcher and at plate, was streaky. Just seems to get a bum wrap from Washington on being able to show he can play everyday. (Need Pic.) .276 – 6HR – 41RBI


  • Hank Blalock – Ive always been a big Blalock fan but injuries are getting old. Showed some pop early and late. Did he show enough to be good trade material. Why else do you move your young 1b stud to 3rd at the end. (Need Pic.) .287 – 12HR – 38RBI
  • Frank Catalanotto – The Cat hung in there just not enough room once rookies showed a little game. I like that he is not a whiner. (Need Pic.) .274 – 2HR – 21RBI
  • Brandon Boggs – Hard to break into OF lineup. Showed flashes. (Need Pic.) .226 – 8HR – 41RBI
  • Joaquin Arias – At times I’m not sure, arm could cost games, when it should be an easy DP…experienced that late in season. (Need Pic.) .291 – 0HR – 9RBI
  • German Duran – Good glove, no room. Have to like he is a Fort Worth native. (Need Pic.) .231 – 3HR – 16RBI
  • Max Ramirez – One word…tough! Love the attitude but needs a little more grooming. (Need Pic.) .217 – 2HR – 9RBI
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Where is the Salty all the scouts talk about. Not convinced he is the catcher of the future. (Need Pic.) .253 – 3HR – 26RBI
  • Travis Metcalf – Another guy that was used to get through injuries. Average didn’t show how good he was swinging bat late in season. (Need Pic.) .232 – 6HR – 14RBI


  • Chris Shelton – wrong team wrong time
  • Jason Botts – Guy can’t catch a break when hitting Major League pitching…Lasik surgery???


  • Ben Broussard – wow…rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..bbbboooooommm.

There it is the 08′ Texas Rangers report card…I’ll pass on the pitching for now…since Hicks has for the past upteen years. Let me hear your thoughts. I’ll tackle who stays and who goes in the next week or 2.

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