Cameron Rupp – Texas Longhorns

19 07 2009

Thought I would throw together a few quick sketches. In quick, I mean a few hours and not the normal 16 hours like on the Jason Witten picture. Quick sketches are a lot of fun and it is a way for me to have a quick turn around on showing players from an event that just happened. For example, The College World Series.

Everyone knows, or should know by now, I am a big Texas Longhorn fan. Texas was within 1 game of winning a National Championship in baseball last month. I actually had a chance to watch most of the games and they are definitely fun to watch but at the same time a little nerve racking. Thought I would throw together some quick sketches of some of those moments from the 09 Texas Longhorn Baseball season. So I hope you enjoy the first of more to come.

Cameron Rupp Texas Longhorns

Cameron Rupp Texas Longhorns

Cameron Rupp  – C – Texas Longhorns
Pencils – 11″ x 14″

Stay Safe and Stay Full!
Big Dawg – DFitch