Morrow out 6 Months!

22 11 2008

Word has it the Dallas Stars Captain, Brenden Morrow, will be out 6 months with a torn ACL in his right knee. That hurts…not only loosing a person who gives a 110% every play but a player who could spark a team with one play or even by just saying one word.

Now the questions start flying, what happens next? Who can be the next leader on this team? I am sure Les and Hullie are quick on the job trying to solve some those tough questions . Brenden get well soon!! Looking forward to the answers.

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Stars only 2 points off 07′ October

8 11 2008

I know the Stars have been giving up more than 4 goals per game and don’t look like a very disciplned team. I have a feeling it is still not time to throw in the towel. I found an interesting stat from last years season that saw the Stars go all the way to the Western Conference Finals. In October 07′ the Stars had a record of 5-5-2.  This October they are 4-6-2. So all is not lost, but like was said earlier, they need to be a lot more disciplined and consistent and it needs to start with their Team Captain Morrow.

Zubov back friday.

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Ribeiro on Fire!

24 10 2008

One night after the Stars couldn’t light the lamp in New Jersey losing 5 to 0, the light practically stayed on against the Islanders thanks to Ribeiro. Mike Ribeiro had 4 assist and a goal to put the game away early. Would like to have seen a little more of a shut down in the 3rd period, but right now we will take a win anyway we get it.

Erickson was skating good and it showed with 2 goals and Morrow 1 goal after being reunited with Ribiero. They had not been paired up the last 3 games.

Stars 5 – Islanders 3

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Stars Win against strong NY Ranger team!

22 10 2008

Stars 2 – Rangers 1

I didn’t get to see the game Monday night due to cooking salsa all afternoon and evening, but we listened to it on the radio. Sounded like a good game, seemed we had a little more consistency than in the past few games especially in net. Turco sounded like he was starting to get in the zone…which we really need right now. Have to finish up strong in October which will be tough due to being on the road, maybe this team needed a lengthy road trip to help them relax and jel. New Jersey tonight…Go Stars.

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Stars stumble again!

19 10 2008

Avalanche 5 – Stars 4

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but the veteran play of the Stars is hurting this team right now. Morrow, other than a few moments in the 3rd, looked way off or just short of being lost and Avery couldn’t make a pass if his life depended on it. Don’t forget Mo coughing up a puck that got deposited in the back of the net. (which is sad because he has a flash of old giddy up in his step) That’s just naming a few. There was a few veteran bright spots. Richards was on fire and basically threw the team on his back and carried them in the 3rd. I don’t know if you saw, the refs supposedly didn’t, hard to miss the all out full swinging slash on Ott’s leg which helped Colorado score a power play goal. Just frustrating.

I think the play they showed in the 3rd was encouraging and a confidence builder. A loss is still a loss but If we would have lost 5 to 2 it would have played on their psyche a lot more. No time to panic just yet…unfortunantly its still like watching the preseason.

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Stars Rookie Hat Trick 1st game!

18 10 2008

Ok, so I am a few days behind on posting something about Fabian Brunnstrom’s 3 goals in his first NHL hockey game. Not to mention the 3rd goal was a game winner. Stars still struggling a little on defense but it was exciting watching the yougster light the lamp. Just seemed to have those soft hands everyone has been talking about.

Stars 6 – Nashville 4

There is good reason on the wait, I wanted to draw something to put with this post. Normally my pics take about 10 – 16 hours when drawing realistic style like the Marty Turco drawing. So I wanted to do something a little more basic but with character. Hope you like, plan on coloring digitally someday.

Fabian Brunnstrom - Dallas Stars

Whats that Detroit…do I hear sniffles?!

Course Thursday nights game was totally different. Turco was swiss cheese and again Dallas had way to many mistakes. And like we have said so many times lately, a lot of those mistakes are coming from veterans. The Morrow line just looks flat…Lehtinen we need you!!!!

Stars 1 – Blues 6

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Stars lose Season Opener in OT

11 10 2008


Columbus 5  –  Dallas 4

Man it was great to get the hockey season going again. What a game, course it would be nice to see more consistency but then again it was 1 game. At times the Stars looked good and the young stars, like Neal, stepped up and performed, then there was times I felt we where still stuck in preseason mode. Good to see us steal a point down by 2 with less than 4 minutes but again we need to find consistency. We have to remember we still have a lot of young defense men and hopefully we wont have to suffer through a little “sophomore jinx”. Just take it out on Nashville tonight…

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