Colt McCoy Drawing Finally Finished!

11 05 2009

OK…I know, I started this drawing around Christmas time and I just now finished up. Sometimes when I am working on large drawings I have to walk away for a day (or more like in this case) and then come back to it so then I see things that are not in proportion or needs more shading, or I start other projects like sketch cards and get side tracked.

Kinda like the Jason Witten 11″x14″ drawing I started 3 weeks ago. I am working on so much detail (definitely my most detailed piece yet) I have to take a break for a few days. Already have 10 hours in on the Jason drawing and just a little over half way.

I also didn’t want to finish the Colt McCoy drawing before the Fiesta Bowl because everytime I drew someone last year they lost the next game. So I think I am pretty safe now…lol. Enough rambling…on with the drawing!

Colt McCoy Texas Longhorns

Colt McCoy - Texas Longhorns

Colt McCoy – Texas Longhorns
12 hours

Smooth Bristol Board
2H, .05 mech, B, 2B, 4B, 6B
Kneaded eraser
Pencil eraser

Hope you like!

Colt coming back for his senior year…Longhorns will be National Champs in 2010!!!

More sketch cards are finished, stay tuned for the postings.

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Texas hangs on to beat the Buckeyes

9 01 2009

texas-longhorns-logo1Texas 24 – Ohio State 21 ohio-state-logo

Wow…a lot closer than it needed to be but Texas held off a stubborn Buckeye team that was ready and determined. I predicted it would be close due to Ohio State having a month to prepare but I didn’t think it would come down to the last few minutes of the game. It was definitely an entertaining game.

Do I think Texas ought to be number one…yes but being from Texas and being a fan I am a little bias. Not so sure anyone could get past Florida. Just found out a few moments ago the Sooner’s couldn’t get past them for the so-called National Championship. So I guess as Texas fans we will move on and hope that McCoy stays for next year and see where the Longhorns start out ranked in August. Thanks for the fun year Texas…took our minds off the Cowboy’s

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Wow…I was a little off on my prediction!

26 11 2008

texas-tech-university-logo1 Texas Tech 21Oklahoma 65oklahoma_sooners_logo1

Saturday Morning I predicted Texas Tech would win by 3

Texas Tech 38 – Oklahoma 35

Glad I am not getting paid to predict. Needless to say I turned the channel midway through the 3rd quarter. My hat goes off to Oklahoma, it was like they had Tech’s plays written on their arm bands. Wow…who would have thought that much of a blow out. That is why I hated to see Texas lose to Tech because in the past Tech isn’t known for winning the big games and Texas had already played the tough part of their schedule. Course I thought just maybe this year was different for Tech…nope still the same Tech.

What was disheartening was Tech getting away from their style of play. Harrell kept trying to force it deep when his receivers where open 10 to 12 yards down the field. Of course I would have happy feet too if I was getting drilled by the OU defense.

New prediction

Texas needs to score big over Texas A&M to have a chance on Big 12 championship and to push up the BCS ratings. Weird to say but OU needs to beat OSU to keep Tech from going.

Texas 52 – Texas A&M 17

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Big 12 Showdown…again!

22 11 2008

#2 Texas Tech vs #5 Oklahoma

Seems like everyweek is a Big 12 showdown. No complaints here. Ok…we are just a few hours away from the 2 week anticipated showdown in Norman, Oklahoma. I agree with a lot of people that it will be a close game but my thoughts differ in the outcome. Many think the Sooner’s defense will hold Tech’s high powered offense. A year or two ago I would have said the same thing but this year is different. I think Harrell and Crabtree along with a bend but don’t break defense ( hard to believe you could mention defense and Tech in the same sentence) will hand Oklahoma it’s first lose at home since…TCU.

My prediction

Texas Tech 38 – Oklahoma 35

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Longhorns stay unbeaten!

19 10 2008

I would have to say the Texas Longhorns looked every bit the part of that No. 1 ranking. I thought this game would be a little closer but Texas was too strong too early. Colt McCoy was on fire throwing for 337 yards on 29 out of 32 pass attempts. What is really encouraging is the depth that Texas showed with their freshman and sophomore wideouts and secondary personnel.

Chase Daniel had a good numbers game passing for 318 yards on 31 out of 41 attempts. Mostly in the second half. Missouri just couldn’t climb out of a hole that Colt McCoy pushed them in along with the pressure from the defensive line in the first half. Fun and exciting game to watch, good to see Texas left no doubters about #1.

Texas 56 – Missouri 31

Drew the above picture during the game…thought it would be a fun comparison. Drew seperately and then added together in photoshop.

TCU wins a big one!

18 10 2008

I don’t have Versus so I wasn’t able to catch the game on TV which was pretty dissappointing. I did however manage to catch a little on radio and kept checking websites. I would have to say total domination from what I heard and saw. Many of you, like me, thought we where going to see a score more like 38 to 31. Who would have thought

TCU 32 – BYU 7

Hopefully some people will finally open their eyes and get this team back in the top 25. How about that Kerley kid who is normally a wide receiver lining up as quarterback on a few snaps. Man he looked good and it kept BYU off balance changing it up. I heard it had been 43 years since the Frogs had beaten a Top 10 team at home. Keep it going frogs…

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Longhorns Win!!!

12 10 2008

How about them Longhorns…

Wow…what a game!. Texas actually stepped up and went toe to toe with Oklahoma. You never know if Texas will show up in these big games sometimes. There was some pretty weird calls, but before OU starts whining those calls where going both ways.

And the Academy Award goes to…the OU punter when he fell to the ground. Funny…when they showed him on the sideline the trainer was rubbing a cramp out of his calf. I know all you OU fans are yelling right now “What about Colt McCoy?, he fell twice”. True, but the difference is he just tripped and fell. Maybe a “7” score on the fall but not an Academy Award.

Oklahoma is one of those teams (like teams from the the Big Ten) that just stick in your craw and make me hack like a cat especially having to listen to that ever annoying 2 word song “Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner”. Which I had to listen to way to much since I watched the OU and TCU game earlier this year. I know…I usually don’t get personal but when you are a native Texan it is personal…lol. New song “your a loser, your a loser” oops that’s 3 words. All joking aside even if Texas would have lost it was probably one of the best college games Ive seen in a long while especially with all the Hype coming in with Texas ranked 5th and Oklahoma ranked 1st. But I have to say I called it in my “Great Football!” post after the TCU weekend.

It all brakes down to my new prediction…OU #1 looks good in a few weeks when the headlines show Texas becomes new #1 leap frogging #2 LSU after taking out OU in Dallas.

Well almost, now we have to see if they leap frog to 1st. Bring on Tech.

Sure makes for a great day…until….while I was writing this the Stars lose to Nashville 3-1. No comebacks tonight. What is sad is most of the inconsistency is coming from the veterans. Well like they say “As long as you are on a roll when the playoffs start”. We have 79 games to get it up righted.

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